Wednesday, 13 January 2010

space elevators

The concept of the space elevator, a fixed structure which allows the transportation of materials into space along it, rather than by using rocket technology was envisaged as far back as C19th but it was not until the second half of the 21st century that the major powers began to utilise carbon naontube technology to make the construction of space elevators a reality.

Obviously the need for the base station to be at high altitude and on or near the equator resulted in a series of land grabs by the likes of the European Federation and American Republic in Africa and Latin America. These areas are now heavily guarded and the advantages in the low cost access given to AmRep and EuroFed by their elevators is such that they tend to adopt a shoot first and don't bother asking questions with anyone who gets too near.

Other powers have ploughed their efforts into space elevators with mobile base stations carried on large oceangoing craft. ONESS and the Pacfic Federation operate two elevators of this type.

Space elevators are not the only means of access to space and both the CDSU and Neo-Soviet Republic continue to operate successful rocket launching facilities, allowing access to the Solar System and the resources of Mars and the Asteroid Belt.

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