Wednesday, 23 December 2009

europe 2103ad

A map of 22nd Europe... Click on it to enlarge.

neo-sov iron cow stats

Brigade Models have produced some preliminary stats for using the new Neo-Sov vehicles in Ironcow: 2103AD. Whilst these may change in the future with the publication of Iron Hammer, the Neo-Sov guide, they will allow you to get your Russkis on the table and hunting down ONESS forces in the Neutral Radzone...

(photo copyright Brigade Models)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

neo-sov reinforcements

Brigade Models have announced the release of more new models for their 1/300th Neo-Soviet armour line:

SF300-1201a: Bizon Support Tank
SF300-1203a: Kunitsa Mortar Carrier
SF300-1205: Shtorm SP Howitzer
SF300-1206: Lisa Command Vehicle
SF300-1207: Mech Tank Hunter
SF300-1207a: Volk Assault Gun
SF300-1208: Shersehn AA Vehicle
SF300-1208a: Vikhr Katyusha
SF300--1208b: Osa Missile Carrier

Two different army packs and six new company packs are also now available.

photos: copyright Brigade Models

iron dogs

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